Basis of the Biotype Diets™
by Laura Power, MS, PhD, LDN

The Biotype Diets™ Research
How was the Biotype Diets™ Research performed? I used a branch of research called epidemiology. This relates different variables to each other using computerized statistics to determine the relationships between them. I used this method to conduct three original research studies. I gathered blood types and food allergy scores on 500 subjects. Then I statistically correlated them. Specifically: I matched 6 blood types (A1, A2, B, O, A1B, A2B) to all four kinds of allergies — for each food tested. I also evaluated for subtypes: Rh-negative, gender and age. I employed three kinds of allergy tests: Type 1 allergies (IgE antibodies), Type 3 allergies (IgG antibodies), and Type 4 allergies (T-cells).

Food Allergy Indexes
To make a Food Allergy Index I used an algorithm to convert raw scores for food allergies to percentages, combined percentages for IgE, IgG, and T-cells to create a Total Score, then ranked these downwards to create an Index. Lastly, I divided reactions into Classes I - V. To make a Food Allergy Pyramid I grouped the food percentage values into food families and placed them on a pyramid. In addition I researched lectins from the scientific literature. I have made six Food Allergy Indexes (A1, A2, B, O, AB, Rh-neg) on cards. The reverse side contains menus and information about blood type origins, worst allergies and best diets for each type. The Food Allergy Indexes are for sale on my clinic website at:

I was fortunate to have two excellent allergy specialty labs to work with: Commonwealth Medical Labs (IgE and IgG) and Elisa/Act Biotechnologies (T-Cell). Both labs employ the highest standards, have federal certification (CLIA), and have proven to provide reliable results over the years.

Scientific Advisors
When I first began many years ago, I used the preliminary results of my two small pilot studies (IgE and IgG antibodies) for my thesis in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Maryland. I was fortunate to have wonderful advisors: Dr. Robert Jackson (nutritional epidemiologist), Dr. Estelle Russek-Cohen (biostatistitian), Dr. Fatimah Jackson (nutritional anthropologist), and Dr. Dean Metcalfe (the head food allergist at the National Institutes of Health as an advisor to my committee). They taught me how to do epidemiological research. I continued to enlarge the studies for another decade and more, getting better and different results. I added the T-Cell study and known lectin patterns. I then integrated all four allergy studies together to form the Biotype Diets.

I also spent much time in the National Library of Medicine researching lectins and blood types, and in the National Agricultural Library researching the geographic origins of foods. Online scientific sources were utilized as well, Medline, etc.

The Biotype Diets™ System
After 20 years this finally led to the formulation of the Biotype Diets. This incorporates all 4 allergy studies. It provides six optimal diets based on blood types: O, A1, A2, B, A1B, and A2B. In addition, there are sub-type modifications for blood type Rh-negative, gender and age.

Publications & Rights
I hold copyrights on the early pilot studies. In 2009 I was awarded a patent for the "Biotype Diets System", and in January 2005 a trademark application for Biotype Diets®. In late 2004 I licensed my patent to David Vaughan for use in his Food Pharmacy® Diet Therapy® software for professionals. In January 2007, my peer reviewed research article was published in the "Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine". I am also writing a book for the public. I am happy that I am at last able to share these wonderful results with the many people who need them.

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