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Identifying Others' Biotype Profile
by Dario Nardi, Ph.D. and Richard Power, Ph.D., L.N.

A really valuable application of biotype knowledge is seeing people in new ways. The short case studies below present two characters with biotype profiles in the same profession. Strengths and weaknesses - gifts and needs - vary but there is room for everyone and many avenues for success in life!

Challenge yourself with these two case studies below! Most of the case information is useful. Some is extraneous or is an indirect clue. The reason is practical. Although knowledge of pulse, wrist bone width, or body hair is often very helpful in determining body type, these kinds of data are usually less available than say, nervousness, weight, or presence or absence of male pattern baldness. Look for the whole pattern and donít just key in to single words or a single dominant type. Consider all the glands - from gonads to pineal - whether dominant, recessive, or intermediate. Many times, intermediate glands go without remark. When part of a description feels vague, try to look for a unique characteristic that differentiates these two athletes.

Kelly is a professional athletic trainer in business for herself. She is tall, with a prominent forehead, and almost always has high energy and enthusiasm which she transmits to her clients. She trains daily to keep in shape and is pretty emotionally stable except when interpersonal relationships go bad - she is very sensitive that way and be can be moody and get off track - but not for long! Itís all willpower. Kelly didnít do so well in school and has little patience with introspection or mumbo-jumbo stuff.

Joe is naturally muscular and athletic even with little exercise. He is a calm even-keel guy - except those rare brief moment when he explodes! He enjoys distance running most. Heís somewhat short and seems to have inherited profuse body hair and a bald spot from his dad. As a sports manager, he has a keen eye and a careful mind - he keeps with a conservative planned approach when he can. Joe can have a hard time expressing himself, is plagued with allergies, and can be unaware at times.

What to Look For:

  1. Factor out gender. Women tend to have more thyroid characteristics, oxytocin, and a monthly hormone dynamic, while men tend to have more adrenal characteristics and vasopressin. When evaluating, compare people to others of their own gender.
  2. Disease, injury, drugs, cancer, aging, emotional trauma, poor diet, and a low social-economic background tend to alter the potential expression of one's "genetic" body type. For example, a major physical injury might prevent an Adrenal type from exercising, changing her appearance.
  3. Plastic surgery, weight training and muscle building, a high quality diet, glandular supplements and other targeted nutrients, liposuction, and a high social-economic background tend to either maximize one's genetic potential or alter one's appearance in favor of the cultural norm (thin muscular men and thin busty women.)
  4. Most individuals are not a "balanced" or a "suppressed" body or personality type. These tempting selections are rare. When you are unsure, try to get more information or observe more closely to figure out what the pattern is.

Answer Key: Kelly is an adrenal type with thymus and pituitary characteristics. Joe is also an adrenal type, but with secondary gonad and thyroid characteristics.

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