Balanced Type Profile

When someone has:

  • a strong liver function
  • a balance of high thyroid, high adrenal and high gonad function
  • and also strong pituitary or pineal
then the person is flexible and "super-balanced." Balanced does not mean "average" or "unclear". Someone with clear characteristics from 4 dominant glands (say, gonad, adrenal, thyroid and pituitary) would have:
  • Physical The incredible stamina, strength and calm of an adrenal type.
  • Social and Emotional The sensuality, social ease, charisma and focus of the gonad and pituitary types.
  • Mental The acute intellect and mental quickness of a thyroid type.
Metabolism is balanced, with average pulse and blood pressure even under high stress. The balanced type has no single one strength, but is highly adaptable. Very few people are true balanced types.

Balanced Type Health Risks

Adrenal-thyroid Balanced types experience health issues related to these types, from mild acne to mild high blood pressure. Those with 4 or 5 strong glands may not show much difficulty even under high stress, until the 2 or 3 weaker glands begin to give out. A high-functioning liver is key, so liver problems may show under stress:

  • Digestive problems
  • Fatty / toxic liver
  • Gallbladder disease
May take on much more than they can handle, then crash with infections, digestive problems, depression or poor judgement.

Typical Balanced Type Therapies

Exercise, nutrients and life-style should meet the needs of the dominant glands while addressing the weaknesses of the recessive ones. For example, an adrenal-thyroid type should incorporate suggested therapies for both the thyroid type and the adrenal type.

Balanced Gland Hormones

A very strong liver is what makes a balanced type possible. Someone who is "super-balanced" has high hormone levels from all their dominant glands. Some hormones influence characteristics in opposing ways. For example, dominant gonad function promotes early puberty while dominant pineal and thymus function promote later puberty. Oppositions tend to cancel out. Most characteristics, however, have unique influence. A gonad-adrenal-thymus-thyroid type would be tall and lanky except perhaps with a barrel chest, have profuse body hair and a receeding hair line, enjoy physical endurance and strong muscles, and have a fast metabolism and quick mind.

Nervous system: balanced of sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response and parasympathetic (relaxed rest) response.

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