Female Gonad Type Profile

  • Physical An hourglass figure, or large breasts and flat fanny, or medium breasts and large hips. Early puberty.

  • Emotional High sex drive. Prone to sexual tension and PMS; otherwise calm under stress and relaxes easily.

  • Social Warm, sexually appealing, feminine and flirtatious. Interest in social, romantic and sexual activities.

  • Mental Social and sexual intelligence. Focus on sex, motives, relationships, and gender roles. Strong opinions on sex, child and reproductive issues, for or against.

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Male Gonad Type Profile

  • Physical A barrel chest, thick body hair for Caucasians, and early male pattern baldness. Early puberty.

  • Emotional High sex drive. Prone to sexual tension; otherwise calm under stress and easily relaxes.

  • Social Warm, sexually appealing, masculine and flirtatious. Interest in social and sexual related activities. Risqué jokes.

  • Mental Social and sexual intelligence. Focus on sexual motives, relationships, and gender roles. Opinionated about sex-related issues, for or against.

Gonad Type Health Risks

Under prolonged stress may experience:

  • Weight variation plus/minus 20 lbs
  • Water retention (edema)
  • Buttocks pimples
  • Women only: Endometriosis, PMS, Vaginitis, Pelvic & breast cysts, Fibroid tumors
  • Men only: Accelerated male-pattern baldness, prostate disease

Often recessive liver function, leading to:

  • Digestive problems
  • Fatty / toxic liver
  • Gallbladder disease

And often recessive pineal function, leading to:

  • Poor self-awareness
  • Low interest in cognitive activity
  • Seasonal depression

May become toxic or overwhelmed by sexual tension and over indulge in sex causing inflammation of reproductive tissues.

Typical Gonad Type Therapies

Supplements: B-Complex, potassium, glutathione, iron for women, saw palemetto for men

Glandulars: liver, pineal and melatonin

Exercise: moderate exercise, outdoor activity

Gonad Gland Hormones

The gonads are the sex glands - the ovaries in the female and the testes in the male. They control puberty, fertility, sex drive, the reproductive cycle. They control menopause in women and body hair for men. They help regulate energy output and muscle development.

Female Gonad Hormones:

  • Estrogen and prolactin develop the breasts and hips into a curvy hourglass, or pear shaped body, or reverse pear shape.
  • Estrogen influences secondary sexual characteristics and sex drive, while progesterone regultes pregnancy.
  • There are three estrogens: estradiol (common), estriol (pregnancy), and estrone (menopause).
  • Women have some testosterone for sex drive.

Male Gonad Hormones:

  • Testosterone and dihydro-testosterone (DHT) create a more barrel-shaped or v-shaped chest, body hair, and male pattern baldness or a receding hairline.
  • Testosterone is more related to body hair and baldness, while dihydro-testosterone is more responsible for the prostate, sex drive, and the genitals.
  • Men have some estrogen for bone health.
Nervous system: parasympathetic (relaxed rest) dominant.

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