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Perspectives on Spiritual Practice
by Natasha Kern

The spiritual piece for the biotypes is similar to the different branches of yoga, which were designed for different types of people to connect to God. Hatha yoga was not a system of exercise per se but a system of meditation that was PHYSICAL rather than say the emotional method of Bakhti yoga (worship of the guru) or Raja Yoga (the study of sacred text which you might compare to the study of the Bible or Talmud). Most religions have grasped this principle which is why spiritual practice varies from going on pilgrimages (physical) to retreating to monasteries or caves or singing sacred songs. It is okay to be whatever biotype one is and honor that spiritual path. Here are two examples:

The Adrenal type:
Adrenalin types learn a great deal through their bodies. They can achieve physical fitness and spiritual growth simultaneously and can explore truth and spiritual well-being while running along a trail in a favorite park rather than in the traditional setting of a church or synagogue. Through awareness, chants, visualization and attention to the aspects of the present moment -- like the weather, pain, or breathing -- a simple exercise routine can become the basis for profound spiritual practice. The physical experience of sex becomes an opportunity to connect not only emotionally with their partner but also with the divine energy of life. the physical is a doorway to the spiritual.

The Thyroid type:
The thyroid type likes to understand things mentally. These individuals want the world to make sense, to feel a profound connection rather than simply having faith. Each new insight creates transformation in their emotional and spiritual lives. Studying sacred works like the Bible, the Torah or the Koran or inspiring poetry are very valuable for them. Words are important soul expressions and repeating a prayer or mantra can keep their minds focused. Thyroid people can enhance their spiritual practice by paying attention to their thoughts in each moment and the words they speak, focusing on the positive and releasing negativity. Meditation is invaluable for learning to quiet the mind, reduce the inner self-talk and mental reactions to events in their lives, expand the space between thoughts and experience more joy. For these slow-starters, morning meditation or prayer is a good way to set a mental intention for each day to guide them through the ups and downs of life and to maintain a connection to their spiritual life.

Biotype is about the whole self, not just body shape or metabolism. Knowing your biotype profile is a powerful way to better underestanding your spiritual practices.

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